Available for any computer.

App is exclusive for XKelet clients.

You will be able to use XKCloud platform to upload and prepare your printing files.

Print any file with XKprinter

Increase the use of XK printers.

Get the most out of your XKprinter by using it not only for XKAST,
printing surgical guides, pre-surgical models, etc.

See our video :

Acces to XKCloud and set up your files ready to print.

Use our user friendlly support generator tool to get a succes printig process with XKprinter.

Improve the efficiency of the XKprinter or simply download your .stl file to print for your own.

Upload your .stl files to the Cloud and get automatically your printing file for the XKprinter.

Use our orietntation & translation tools to place all the files in the right position.

Use our orietntation & translation tools to fill the platform to optimize the printig process.