Print as fast as you need.

Download the XKasts ready to print and forget the worries about how to use the 3D printer / software.

Printer benefits

Using our 3D printing solution you will get validated a start-to-end solution.

Automatic files generator ready to print.

Decide if you want to print 1 XKast or fill the platform (510x280x350mm size).

Print 1 Xkast or more doesn't afect in the printing time.

After print, just remove the parts, clean the VAT and start again.

With the fast material print XKast from 25 to 90 min.

Prodution capacity between 2,100 to 8,400 u./year
(Considering 8h/day 300 days/year with fast printing material).


Buyin the XKprinter includes the Cure Box and the Wash Unit

After printing process put the product 10 min. in the wash unit
and then 30 min aprox. in the cure box.

High resistance materials

Printing time between 20 to 120 min.
(Depending size and resolution)

Materials focus in resistance and quality, made for long term / forever immobilizations.
Designed to cover all the patologies including cronical or any kind of recovery like cerebral palsy, etc.

Certified material Class I, can be saved for months in a dark place
with humidity and temperature (not below of 20oC) conditions under control.

This resin is made just for XKAST products.

Download Resin docs