Automatically design your custom immobilization
in less than 5 minutes.

Find us in the App store and choose the best option for you.

AI Cloud software used in an
tablet or cellphone with a
simple App.

User friendlly App to distract
as little as possible in current
work processes.

Automatic indentification of
the critical points to consider
before to build the XKAST.

Compare the virtual
measurements vs the real
ones thanks to our medical
device certified software.

Choose and build the XKAST
with our automatic start to
end process in less than 5

Ones you choose the offset
required send to production
in just 1 click.

We bring 3D design closer to
the professional.

It scans without errors in the measurements and automatically
builds the immobilizations, in a virtual way.

See our training videos & download our manuals: Download

Scan in less than 20 secons
without errors caused by light
conditions, color skin,
reflections & refractions.

No scan dimesions issues
thanks to scan software or
with your precise manual

User friendlly device easy to
use whithout computers and
big / expensive devices.